HRC provides comprehensive advisory services to growth companies seeking to pursue, and execute on, strategic transactions. We act as a member of the executive management team, working attentively with the owners, providing sophisticated guidance on M&A/financing options, expected valuations or pricing, structures, and most importantly the likelihood of a successful close. This includes proper financial and operational positioning, running thorough processes to qualified prospects, airtight organization, and consistent expectation management throughout each step of the process.


HRC advises business owners on a variety of liquidity transactions including partial liquidity from a private equity investor, or an outright sale from a strategic acquirer. This is accomplished by developing deep relationships with entrepreneurs well in advance of a contemplated transaction, sometimes for many years prior, providing insights on the market and key value drivers, such as financial performance, operational positioning, the growth story, margin profile, and the where the company fits strategically within the target buyer universe. We run thorough, tactical, and organized processes, ensuring maximum exposure to the appropriate parties, while minimizing managers excessive involvement, keeping them engaged on the organic growth. Our knowledge and focus on the target verticals provide a unique advantage of knowing how to best position companies for the most optimal valuation, as well as knowing which acquirers and investors are most active in the space, and properly capitalized.


HRC provides buy-side advisory services to companies seeking support in identifying, evaluating and executing add-on acquisitions, which may be transformative from a growth and value creation perspective. This includes devising a strategy of what types of targets are most synergistic, and thoroughly canvasing the market for those who fit the criteria, are interested in being acquired, and are at the right valuation. We then provide vetted, teed up opportunities, with sufficient operational and financial background information. Further, HRC provides execution support around due diligence, building and maintaining complex financial merger model models used for capital raise purposes, and other tasks related to the deal process. Company owners find tremendous value in working with HRC in this regard, as we add significant horsepower and expertise to the company’s existing internal efforts.


HRC advises entrepreneurs on securing outside capital, be it private equity, or non-traditional debt, ranging between $5-50 million. This includes guiding companies on the cost of capital (debt vs. equity), the foreseeable challenges, types of structures, and ultimately what is most advantageous to the company and its shareholders. Over the years HRC has amassed a deep rolodex of debt and equity investors highly active in the technology verticals we target, many of whom have had successful past investment experiences, and are looking to redeploy capital in similar companies. Such savvy investors can provide true value-add to business owners in addition to capital, as well as often providing a more full valuation, due to their already understanding of the business models, growth potential, and exit values.


HRC’s deep expertise and focus within the cloud services, managed IT services and select software verticals provides a significant benefit to clients, and ultimately generates superior results, as through this focus, we maintain a wide and growing network of active buyers and institutional investors, ensuring the maximum exposure to the right audience. Also, from this focus results precise knowledge of how to best position companies operationally and financially to generate the best valuations. Further, with our focus on lower middle market companies with revenue of $5-50mm, we maintain a high level of engagement with our clients from senior professionals, with a consistency whether it’s on the low or high end of that revenue range. Lastly, our founder comes from the private equity world, adding a unique perspective to the overall transaction strategy, process, and how to most effectively guide clients, as well as realizing a successful outcome.