Capital Raise Advisory

HRC advises entrepreneurs on raising institutional capital in the $10-75mm range, that may fund organic growth, strategic acquisitions, or founder liquidity. HRC has deep expertise across debt and equity financings, having closed several complex financings and built a network of the most active funds that focus on technology sectors. 

M&A Advisory

HRC advises business owners on mergers and acquisitions, including sell-side M&A, buy-side M&A, and shareholder recapitalizations. Our vertical focus, expansive network of investors, and comprehensive processes drive optimal outcomes for our clients, while exhibiting consistent integrity and honesty from start to finish.

Consulting Services

HRC provides consulting services to companies seeking support in bolstering their accounting and finance capabilities, often utilized to prepare oneself for an M&A transaction, and or to enhance the quality and timeliness of the financial reports. Services include M&A Readiness, Valuation Services, CFO Services,  and Accounting Clean Up support.


  • Proactive Identification of strategic investor/buyers
  • Sophisticated company positioning and story telling 
  • High-touch management of M&A or fundraising process to increase the probability of optimal results
  • Organized, one to many dynamic with buyers/investors that creates competition and urgency  
  • Consistent and reliable strategic guidance for CEOs
  • Deep understanding of technology verticals, knowing what drives the most value and how to best present information
  • Meticulous preparation before going to market
  • Long standing relationships with active buyers/investors
  • Delivering service and guidance with integrity and honesty


  • Unstructured, disorganized deal process; Highly inefficient and a major time sink
  • Minimal leverage with only one option; Leaving other options on the table, generally leads to lower valuation
  • Huge business distraction with less certainty of close
  • Lack of positioning may lead to lesser valuation
  • Less urgency for buyers, may drag out process
  • Business distraction may affect performance which could decrease valuation
  • Many I don’t know what I don’t know scenarios
  • Reactive to those inbound options vs. being proactive to bring in the right partner


We guide entrepreneurs through the complex, arduous process of a transaction, striving to create the highest likelihood of a close,
at the strongest market valuation, while minimizing the entrepreneurs time spent. See select transactions below.

“Without Cyrus and HRC, the transaction that BlackMesh went through would not have been possible. Every step of the way, Cyrus was engaged, proactive, and became part of the team.”

Jason Ford
Co-founder and CTO BlackMesh

“Cyrus from Harbor Ridge Capital is very knowledgeable and easy to work with an expert in his field. I very much enjoyed working with him and his team over the years. He provided valuable expertise for us in the colocation and hosting related M&A space. We highly recommend his services.”

Eric Hulbert
CEO Opus Interactive

“Rook and its partners have been working with Cyrus from Harbor Ridge Capital since 2006 when his former group arranged financing for our predecessor company. We’ve maintained a strong relationship with him over the years and explored various transactions up until the most recent, our acquisition of our largest competitor and market leader, in a highly complex transaction of international scope. Cyrus and HRC were invaluable in guiding us through the various hurdles and challenges of the deal process in route to a successful closing. Thanks to their tireless efforts on the transaction, we dramatically increased our equity value, and moved into position as the clear market leader in our industry, in both volume and service offerings. We plan to continue working with Cyrus for our future M&A needs, and are exploring many exciting potential opportunities already.”

Daniel Law
CEO Rook Media

“BurstNET has been working with Harbor Ridge Capital for nearly two years and it’s been a great experience. In addition to raising our first institutional financing earlier this year, Cyrus and the team have brought significant value to the table outside of the standard scope of work, including referring our current largest customer, advising us on hiring a much need controller, advising us on pushing forward with a financial review, and now, having identified and currently executing on highly accretive add-on acquisitions. I look forward to continuing our working relationship with Harbor Ridge Capital as we continue to grow and have future requirements.”

Shawn Arcus
CEO BurstNET Technologies

The testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success.


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