Harbor Ridge Capital Launches Contract CFO Services to Companies Preparing for a Capital Raise or M&A Transaction

We understand the hoops investors and buyers make you jump through
Like many founders, running your business and making sure you hit your projections, to achieve your desired valuation, is a top priority. However, you’ve started engaging in discussions with buyers or investors, and the information requests are beginning to ramp up quickly. Or perhaps you have an offer in hand and received a due diligence list, which you’ve never seen so many document requests in your life! How can you be expected to run your business, and generate such a vast amount of information in parallel? How should this information be presented to best represent your company’s value? How can you be certain you are talking to the best investors or buyers? What if all this time spent, negatively affects your business, and you don’t end up closing the transaction?

How Our Contract CFO Services Can Help
We’ve helped many founders and business owners in your position and may be able to help you as well. Harbor Ridge Capital provides contract CFO services to properly prepare companies for a transaction of this magnitude, allowing you to remain focused on operating your company. We act as an extension of your management team, working with key managers, to help implement best practices for M&A and capital raise preparation.

How We Work With You
Specifically, we engage with companies on a project basis, for typically 2-3 months, where we start by analyzing the company’s current state of organization, and map out where you need to be, to become prepared for transaction. Thereafter, specific deliverables include:

  • Company presentation – helps with proper positioning, storytelling, key operational and financial information, and unit economics/KPIs
  • Financial model – detailed projection with implementation of KPIs, unit economics, top-down and bottom-up analysis, laying in of the use of proceeds from capital raise, and incorporating the acquisition
  • Data room review – ensuring the right documentation is populated and organized based on future expected accounting, operating and legal due diligence lists
  • Accounting and reporting – advising on how financials should be positioned and organized; potentially modify accordingly
  • Moving from cash based accounting to GAAP accrual, which is required by buyers/investors
  • other advisory related to the contemplated transaction

Once the above tasks are completed, and you are satisfied with the deliverables, we can part ways at such point. However, we’ve found that many founders request us to stay engaged going into the transaction process, to support and advise in other areas. Please note, our M&A and capital raise advisory engagements include the scope of work listed above.

We Would Love to Work With You
For more information on services or pricing, feel free to reply to this email with background information on your company, the contemplated transaction, and any questions you may have, so we can set up a call and discuss.

About Harbor Ridge Capital
Harbor Ridge Capital (HRC) is a boutique technology-focused M&A advisory firm, working with companies in the $5-100mm revenue range. HRC has completed over 30 transactions, representing over $300mm of transaction value. The firm’s professionals have diversified, well-rounded experience including investment banking, private equity, and CFO roles for companies as large as $25mm in EBITDA. We look forward to working with you on your strategic objectives. www.harborridgecap.com