You hear more and more about the importance of ROI-based selling, to demonstrate to customers the potential tangible value of your product and service, especially as we may be heading into a recession where expenses tighten up. This is no different in investment banking, where the ability to demonstrate value, in relation to fees, is critical in customers’ decision-making process.

In three M&A transactions where HRC represented sellers, ran processes, and negotiated multiple acquisition offers, the end results equated to ROIs between 3x, to as high as 28xThe ROI here is calculated by taking the value increase (final sale price minus the initial acquisition offer) divided by the sum of all HRC’s fees for the transaction (retainers, success fees, etc.).

While the 28x may be viewed as an outlier, HRC is seeing more consistency around an expected ROI between 3-5x, due to the ability to bring in highly strategic acquirers where there’s existing relationships, run a tight competitive process, and negotiate a market transaction.

This type of ROI potential is often prevalent in situations where a seller is negotiating an acquisition with one buyer without current investment banking representation. In two of the three cases noted above, including the 28x case, this was the current situation before HRC was engaged.

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